Memecoin price prediction 2024, 2025, 2030: Insights and trends

Memecoin price prediction 2024, 2025, 2030: Insights and trends for investors looking to understand the future of memecoins.

May 28, 2024 - 13:28
May 28, 2024 - 13:29
Memecoin price prediction 2024, 2025, 2030: Insights and trends

Despite its seemingly generic name, Memecoin made a significant impact in the cryptocurrency markets due to its connection with the Memeland project, a web3 venture studio associated with 9GAG. While it is often claimed that Memecoin lacks utility, functionality, or intrinsic value, it continues to hold value.

In this Memecoin price forecast, we analyze the factors influencing Memecoin's price and offer predictions for the upcoming years based on these factors.

Memecoin price history

During its initial hour of trading on the Binance exchange on November 3, 2023, Memecoin experienced a dramatic price surge, increasing by 9900% from $0.001 to $0.1. By the end of the hour, it closed at $0.026208, reflecting a 2500% increase from its opening price.

Following this volatile start, Memecoin has been trading in the range of $0.029402 to $0.018408. It appears to have established initial price support around $0.019 and resistance at $0.028.

Memecoin price prediction 2024

The price of meme coins is often driven more by community sentiment, hype, and news rather than the development of the protocol they are associated with. This fluctuation in demand is a key factor in determining the token's value.

Given this dynamic, and the acknowledgment that "MEME has no functions, no utility and no intrinsic value," our forecast for Memecoin relies heavily on these unpredictable community factors.

With a significant portion (25%) of tokens distributed through airdrops to holders of Memeland NFT collections and another 30% allocated to an ecosystem fund, the strong community backing is expected to help maintain a relatively stable price for the Memecoin token.

The upcoming Bitcoin Halving event in early 2024 is anticipated, but historical trends indicate that its effects typically manifest 12–18 months after the event. In 2023, external factors such as SEC lawsuits against major crypto exchanges and the approval or rejection of Bitcoin ETFs influenced crypto market prices.

Following a court order at the end of 2023 for the SEC to reconsider Greyscale's ETF application, there are now 8–10 Bitcoin ETF applications pending. The potential approval of any of these applications, which many believe is likely, could significantly boost Bitcoin's price, typically leading to a broader uptrend in the crypto market, including Memecoin.

Considering these factors, we anticipate moderate gains for Memecoin in 2024 compared to 2023, with a projected high price of $0.036400, a low of $0.017800, and an average price of $0.026800.

Long-term Memecoin price forecast: Predictions for 2025-2030 outlook

Forecasting the long-term price of a recently launched coin is challenging, especially for a meme coin with no utility or function. However, meme coins have become a significant part of the cryptocurrency market, collectively valued at over $17 billion, representing 1.29% of the total market.

Looking ahead, the market effects of the Bitcoin Halving in 2025, typically felt 12-18 months after the event, could significantly boost the price of Memecoin. With 9GAG's successful track record, multiple popular Memeland NFT collections, and Memecoin's successful launch and widespread acceptance in 2023, it is likely to maintain a strong and loyal following.

Our Memecoin price prediction for 2025 is a high of $0.095000, a low of $0.020000, and an average price of $0.035000. Predicting the price for 2030 becomes more challenging. By then, we could see the aftermath of new all-time highs achieved after the 2028 Bitcoin Halving.

Although Memecoin is described as having no utility, it is considered the "native ecosystem token of Memeland... the web3 venture studio by 9GAG." As the 9GAG web3 ecosystem continues to evolve, we expect several use cases to emerge for Memecoin. Whether it will become popular remains uncertain. Therefore, our Memecoin price prediction for 2030 is a high of $0.082000, a low of $0.035000, and a median price of $0.064000.

Possible peaks and valleys of Memecoin price

The future price of Memecoin is currently purely speculative, given its lack of utility or function, making it a true meme coin. However, this does not deter, and may even attract, more people to trade and speculate on its price. Here, we have gathered our high and low price predictions for Memecoin (MEME).

Year Low price Average price High price
2024 $0.017800 $0.026800 $0.036400
2025 $0.020000 $0.035000 $0.095000
2030 $0.035000 $0.064000 $0.082000

What are the predictions of other analysts regarding Memecoin Coin?

The immediate popularity and meme-centric nature of Memecoin have led several analysts to speculate on its potential chart positions in the coming years.

According to CoinCodex, Memecoin is expected to reach highs of over five cents in 2025, with a peak prediction of $0.057215. Similarly, its projections for 2030 are also relatively modest, peaking at just $0.062324.

CoinJournal suggests that by leveraging meme culture, MEME could potentially target $0.1 amid the anticipated bullish sentiment., without providing a source, predicts that the token could climb to $0.1 from its current firesale price of $0.001.

Memecoin coin overview

Here are the key and essential statistics for Memecoin.

Cryptocurrency Memecoin
Ticker symbol MEME
Rank #164
Price $0.0204
Price change 24H -13%
Market cap $179,469,922
Circulating supply 8,797,500,000 MEME
Trading volume 24H $210,451,937
All time high $0.1
All time low $0.01813

What factors determine the price of Memecoin?

The price of Memecoin is impacted by various factors, with one of the most significant being the development of the Memeland ecosystem, despite this not being its intended influence. Memecoin, characterized as a pure meme token with no functions, utility, or intrinsic value, is nonetheless connected to the Memeland ecosystem. Therefore, any updates or news related to the development of this ecosystem can affect Memecoin's price.

Additionally, Memecoin's price can be influenced by news concerning other meme coins, including those also named Memecoin. This is particularly important as investors, especially new ones, might mistakenly buy or sell the wrong coin in a frenzy.

Furthermore, Memecoin's price is subject to broader developments in the cryptocurrency markets. Events such as the Bitcoin Halving and regulatory announcements impacting cryptocurrencies overall, especially Bitcoin, can influence Memecoin's price.

While regulators and the media may not frequently make announcements or focus on meme coins, when they do, it can cause significant reactions in the Memecoin price.

What is Memecoin coin and what is it used for?

Memecoin made its debut on Twitter on April 19th, 2023, with a straightforward tweet: "One $meme to rule them all." It serves as the native ecosystem token for Memeland, a web3 venture studio associated with 9GAG.

Known by the ticker $MEME, Memecoin is an ERC-20 token that operates on the Ethereum network. As per its website and the concise Memecoin whitepaper, the token lacks utility, a roadmap, or any promises; it is, in essence, "literally a meme coin."

Who are 9GAG?

9GAG, a meme-centric social media platform, originated in 2008 as a site dedicated to curating memes. Over time, it has expanded its reach and gained popularity on major social media platforms.

Having participated in two prominent accelerator and incubator programs, namely 500 Startups and Y Combinator, 9GAG now boasts a social media following exceeding 200 million users. The platform has evolved to create community-based products that facilitate connections between influencers, brands, creators, and their millions of fans.

The launch of Memecoin was multifaceted, including an ongoing airdrop that distributed 25% of tokens to holders of various series of Memeland NFTs released since June 2022. Additionally, there was a private sale, a community presale, and participation in Binance’s Launchpool. Despite its lack of promises and intrinsic value, the launch of Memecoin proved successful.

Users can also farm Memecoin on the Memecoin website by completing quests to earn Memepoints, which can then be harvested for Memecoin.

What purposes does Memecoin serve?

Memecoin is essentially a token based on memes with no specified use case or utility, as it describes itself as "just 100% memes." However, it is also identified on the Memecoin page on CoinMarketCap as the "native ecosystem token of Memeland."

Memeland, a web3 venture studio affiliated with 9GAG, currently offers various NFT collections accompanied by treasure hunting games. The name Memeland suggests a potential metaverse related to social connections and community building, aligning with the company's focus. Nonetheless, as of now, there is no specified utility for Memecoin.

Is Memecoin a buy?

The demand to buy or sell a coin is typically defined by its utility, function, and popularity. Memecoin currently possesses only one of these aspects: popularity, and it is actively working to solidify this and cultivate what is expected to be a highly dedicated fan base.

Despite being described as "Just 100% memes," Memecoin conducted a private sale, indicating that they raised funds for a specific purpose. Additionally, they have well-structured tokenomics, including varying locking schedules for different token release formats. These factors collectively suggest that Memecoin's future potential may be more significant than what the team has disclosed so far.

Hailing from the renowned social website 9GAG, the team has already launched three successful NFT collections through their web3 venture studio, Memeland, which CoinMarketCap identifies as the native ecosystem token for Memecoin.

With nearly 300,000 members on the Memeland Discord server and 2.8 million followers of the Memeland Twitter account (2.5 million for Memecoin's account), there is considerable potential for interest and future buyers for Memecoin if it manages to acquire the elusive trait for meme coins—utility.

Best place to buy Memcoin

You can find Memecoin listed on Binance, where you have the option to purchase it directly on the spot market with fees as low as 0.1%. Alternatively, you can use a card to buy it by first acquiring USDT and then converting it to MEME. While this method is faster, it does come with higher fees.

For experienced traders, Binance offers the option to speculate on MEME's price with leverage of up to 5x. For those looking to increase their MEME token holdings in a low-risk setting, Binance Earn provides an opportunity with MEME currently offering a 0.41% APR on a flexible lock. This means you can unlock your tokens whenever you wish, without any obligations.

If you're interested in purchasing new coins before they are officially listed, consider using Binance Launchpad. Usually, you can acquire new tokens by staking other cryptocurrencies like BNB, and the new tokens will be airdropped to your Binance wallet.

In addition to these options, Binance provides Binance Lend, which allows you to use your assets as collateral to borrow funds. You can also take advantage of automated trading through trading bots and copy trading, among other features. Explore Binance to access these benefits and features.

The conclusion could be rephrased as:

"Memecoin is a recent addition to the cryptocurrency market, backed by its association with the popular website 9GAG in the Memeland ecosystem. Its potential as a meme coin, lacking defined functionality or utility, will be determined over time to see if it earns a place among the top cryptocurrencies to consider purchasing."

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