Helium ($HNT) soars to record highs following wallet upgrade

Helium ($HNT) hits new highs post-wallet update, marking a significant surge in value.

May 6, 2024 - 12:03
May 9, 2024 - 12:03
Helium ($HNT) soars to record highs following wallet upgrade
Helium's recent climb to $5.89, alongside a significant wallet update, signifies robust growth, bolstering network reliability and HNT's market position.

Helium's recent climb to $5.89, alongside a significant wallet update, signifies robust growth, bolstering network reliability and HNT's market position.

In the midst of a vibrant cryptocurrency landscape, Helium (HNT) has garnered attention for its recent price surge to $5.89, preceded by a notable weekly increase.

This surge has notably lifted Helium's market capitalization to $929.4 million, securing its position at 92nd on CoinMarketCap. With a circulating supply of 160.8 million HNT and a cap of 223 million coins, the potential for future valuation fluctuations looks promising.

Enhanced network stability and promising HNT prospects with Helium wallet app update

Helium's recent tweet introduces the Helium Wallet App version 2.7.7 for Android and iOS, addressing a crash problem from the prior version. This update is pivotal in maintaining hotspot location assertions' stability and efficiency within the Helium network. By swiftly rectifying this issue, Helium enhances user trust and network reliability, potentially amplifying the demand and worth of HNT.

Such ongoing enhancements bolster user involvement and fortify the Helium ecosystem, nurturing a conducive environment for HNT expansion.

Helium mobile enhances coverage in Los Angeles and New York City with expanded locations

Helium Mobile introduces Boosted Locations to bolster its network in Los Angeles and New York City, aiming to enhance coverage and performance. Participants in this program can earn additional mobile rewards, incentivizing network growth and fortification where it's most crucial.

Improved connectivit

Enhance network performance in vital regions.

Reward opportunities

Deploy hotspots in specified zones to earn MOBILE rewards.

This strategic expansion benefits users while ensuring more dependable mobile service in busy urban areas, potentially contributing to an increase in HNT prices.

Helium mobile introduces $20 group plans

Helium Mobile, operating on the Helium Network, introduces an affordable solution: $20 monthly group plans for up to eight users. This streamlined offering eliminates data sharing hassles and complex contracts, positioning Helium as a top choice for value-conscious mobile users.

Cost efficiency

At just $160 per month for eight users, these plans offer substantial savings compared to individual options, especially with unlimited data.

Simplified experience

Each member enjoys unlimited data, eradicating worries about overages or usage disparities.

These budget-friendly plans offer flexibility, allowing users to adjust or cancel without penalties, unlike traditional contracts. Joining is easy—simply update the Helium Mobile app to the latest version.

Forecasting Helium's price

Helium's technical analysis revolves around a pivotal level at $5.45, serving as a reference point for monitoring price movements. Key resistance levels are identified at $5.95, $6.41, and $6.89, potentially capping price increases. Conversely, support levels start at $4.89, descending to $4.50 and $3.96, acting as potential price floors.

The bullish trend in Helium is evident, with consistent trading above an upward trendline around $5.40. Recent trading closing above this trendline suggests a potential continuation of the upward trend, targeting resistance levels starting at $5.95 and potentially extending to $6.41.

Supporting this bullish sentiment, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) at 56 indicates strong buying interest, while the 50-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) at $4.92 reinforces positive momentum.

Sustaining a price above the pivot point indicates the potential for further price gains towards the resistance levels. Conversely, a drop below $5.45 may indicate a trend reversal, potentially leading to declines towards the identified support levels.

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