AliExpress review: Is It the best option for online shopping?

Discover the pros and cons of AliExpress in this comprehensive review. Is it the best option for your online shopping needs?

Jun 1, 2024 - 15:37
Jun 1, 2024 - 15:38
AliExpress review: Is It the best option for online shopping?

Our Verdict

Our Verdict

AliExpress is a global online marketplace based in China, popular among ecommerce companies for sourcing inventory at wholesale rates through a dropshipping model. It offers a wide range of products, from clothing to electronics, but it's important to consider some caveats before starting.

like Pros

  • The website is user-friendly
  • Products are available at wholesale rates
  • Creating an AliExpress account is completely free
  • AliExpress offers a vast selection of products across numerous categories
  • AliExpress includes dropshipping services and various business tools

dislike Cons

  • Product quality can be inconsistent
  • Without a third-party dropshipping tool
  • Customer service can be lacking
  • Shipping from China can be slow
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How many products does AliExpress have?

100 million products

AliExpress, a Chinese-based global online marketplace, is a popular choice for ecommerce businesses seeking inventory at wholesale rates through dropshipping. It offers a viable alternative to platforms like Amazon and eBay, featuring a wide array of products from clothing to electronics. However, utilizing AliExpress for ecommerce may require additional software for efficient scaling. Product quality can also be a concern, so it's essential to weigh the pros and cons carefully. This comprehensive guide will provide insights into AliExpress's pricing, advantages, drawbacks, and more, helping you decide if it aligns with your business needs.

Compare AliExpress to the best dropshipping companies

AliExpress did not meet our criteria for the best dropshipping companies. However, many top dropshipping solutions can integrate with AliExpress for wholesale purchasing and dropshipping. With the right tool as an extension of your ecommerce platform, you can still source inventory from AliExpress.

After thorough research and testing, our team has compiled a list of the best dropshipping companies, including supplier directories, wholesalers, dropshipping platforms, and fulfillment solutions. Here are our top recommendations:

  • Oberlo: Best overall dropshipping company
  • SaleHoo: Best pre-vetted dropshipping supplier directory
  • Printful: Easiest way to dropship custom apparel and decor
  • Worldwide Brands: Best for lifetime product access
  • Inventory Source: Best set-it-and-forget-it dropshipping software
  • Dropified: Best for beginners using AliExpress and eBay
  • Printify: Best for creatives and branded merchandise
  • Wholesale2b: Best for unlimited order processing

Our comprehensive review covers the pros, cons, and pricing of each company, along with a buyer's guide to help you narrow down your options. Explore all our top picks to determine if dropshipping is the right investment for you.

AliExpress pricing and options

Signing up for an AliExpress account is completely free; there are no membership or subscription fees required. The only cost you'll incur is for the products you purchase at wholesale rates, which can vary based on the category and supplier.

For example, in the women's fashion category, most items average around $10, with bathing suits, dresses, t-shirts, and blouses starting at around $5. Consumer electronics are also popular on AliExpress, with drones with built-in cameras available for under $100.

However, it's important to be cautious about quality, as some products may be defective. Always check the seller ratings, and ideally, test the products yourself before listing them on your site.

Anyone can use AliExpress for dropshipping, as it offers a low-cost and accessible entry into the market. You can sign up quickly with just an email address or by logging in through a social media account. 

However, to use AliExpress for dropshipping, you need to have your own ecommerce store hosted on another platform, as AliExpress is not an all-in-one solution. Without a third-party dropshipping tool to connect your customer orders with suppliers, you'll need to manually enter purchase details on AliExpress each time someone buys from your store. This method is not scalable and is prone to errors.

For those planning to use AliExpress for dropshipping and wholesale purchases, it is advisable to invest in a solution like Oberlo or Dropified. These tools help automate the fulfillment process and sync AliExpress products with your ecommerce platform.

While most of you reading this review are probably interested in AliExpress for its dropshipping options, it's worth noting that AliExpress also offers a solution for suppliers, including a dedicated registration process for non-Chinese sellers. 

However, this isn't a practical option for those who want to be wholesale suppliers, as it's difficult to compete with the prices of Chinese competitors.

There are more suitable alternatives available for entering the dropshipping market as a manufacturer or supplier.

How AliExpress ranks?

AliExpress is not included in our list of the top dropshipping companies.

While AliExpress offers advantages such as low prices, free shipping, and no membership fees, other dropshipping solutions provide a better overall experience.

The main drawbacks of AliExpress include quality issues, slow shipping times, and lack of support. Although you might pay a bit more with another provider, the overall experience is generally worth the higher cost.

For alternatives to AliExpress and to learn about other solutions that integrate with AliExpress, check out our in-depth reviews of the best dropshipping companies.

AliExpress is a strong option for ecommerce stores looking for low-cost products across various categories. We recommend it for those willing to invest time in researching and sourcing quality items. However, it's not ideal for private label manufacturing, brand-name products, or fast shipping. There are other dropshipping solutions available that surpass AliExpress in these areas.

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